Choosing a new printer? Stop and read this first!

So your printer has packed up right when you needed it most. Now you need to buy a new printer but there are so many printers out there and none of them show you just how much they will cost to run.

That’s where we can help, working with you to figure out the main features you need in your new printer; whether it be print duplex, direct printing from an iPad, amazing photo quality, low running costs, standalone printing….. this list could go on and on, so before you doze off I will stop.

Once we know what it is you are looking for, we will put together the options for you to choose from. At GEM Inks we provide new and refurbished printers but it’s such a highly competitive market that we have also sent our customers to high street stores who are selling printers at amazing discounts.

The reason they can sell printers at less than cost is they are hoping to sell you consumables at an inflated price once the partially filled cartridges the printer comes with run out. What you need then is the real deal full capacity version they sell for big bucks to make up for the cheaper printer.

The customer getting the best possible deal is key to us, recently we sent a good friend and local Chorley business owner to a high street store to purchase an A3 printer at £100 under the RRP – but rather than him spending £50 on his next set of ink from them,  we’ll save him £38 and provide guaranteed products for just £12.

So if you are looking at a new printer, before you go and make the all important purchase get in touch and let us tell you about the consumable costs and help you with  any features you are unsure of.

– David



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