Battle of The Brands: Original VS compatible ink cartridges.

Which is better? Which do you need? Does it really matter? This quick explanation may shine a light on a really annoying hole in your budget…

Printer ink cartridges… If it’s up to you to deal with them, you probably know it’s as mundane as buying milk from the corner shop. You don’t spend too much time really looking at your “options” because after all, it is just milk. Sure, there are several types but at the end of the day – they all do the same job. But what if there was a pretty big price difference between two bottles, with the only thing different being the label? For anyone who really values their hard-earned cash this would be a no-brainer, they’d likely go for the cheaper option and keep the change… The same super basic concept applies to ink too.


When it comes to original and compatible ink – the only real difference is the price. Original ink is made by the printer manufacturer, it’s a branded product so this is where the high cost and “premium” status comes from. Compatible ink is made by a third-party company, it’s a nameless product and this is where the low cost and (terribly unfair) “inferior” status comes from. So it’s all just a consumer trap? Pretty much so. Major printer manufacturers have big overheads due to the constant development and mass production of new technology. So, to get a comfy bottom line after all this work, these manufacturers need to maximise their profits and they do this by pushing their own consumable line onto buyers. Compatible cartridge providers don’t have these huge overheads and so can offer their products for A LOT, LOT cheaper.


Regarding print quality, there should be no difference between the two. The formulation of original ink is almost identical to that of compatible ink.


If you’re worried about voiding any warranties find a trusted supplier with a product guarantee. For a printer warranty to be voided due to a compatible cartridge, it must be proved to be the ink which is the direct cause of the fault – and this is almost never the case. If the cartridge just so happens to have caused a fault, your compatible supplier will cover the cost of any repairs or replacements.


Did you know that using third party ink will reduce your carbon footprint? With the majority of compatibles having been refilled, you are helping the environment breathe a little more just by opting for them and ACTIVELY NOT feeding the need for a whole new plastic production operation.

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