We are a Lancashire E-commerce business of the year 2018 finalist!!

We are thrilled to have been announced as a finalist in this year’s Red Rose Awards. The awards are about the businesses that keep the county alive – the heroes of the Lancashire economy.

Since the awards were launched in 2011, it has steadily grown and become the centrepiece attraction for the business community with the sell-out ceremony taking place at the magnificent Winter Gardens Blackpool. Red Rose Awards 2018 will take place on 8 March 2018. 


We are continually expanding our product range, sourcing new and innovative technology at extremely affordable prices, bringing new lines to our stationery items whilst maintaining the service we provide. GEM took its name from the owner’s daughter, using her initials, and she is also proud to wear her GEM Inks hoody and help Daddy with deliveries! The business was set up with her future in mind, and some of our proudest moments are seeing her interacting with our customers, confirming our family ethos.

The local community is key, we support Chorley FM through the 100 Club, are members of local business networking groups, supporting and recommending other local businesses, and through these connections, we became involved with fundraising for Galloway’s Society for the Blind which is very much an ongoing relationship. We are very proud of our humble roots, we are striving for more, and are looking forward to a very successful 2018!

We are a mix of both e-commerce and a traditional face to face seller. What initially started out as an online shop selling inks and office consumables had progressed and developed into a customer focussed, multi-product provider, bringing back the human touch to online business.

2018’s big goal is to move to new office space, bringing the team together to work collaboratively and have a welcoming venue to meet with our customers. Our aspirations are high, but we know they are achievable – we have achieved so much through our planning and drive and will continue to do so, securing a bright future for all involved.

We are a determined little business, proving ourselves in a market often dominated by full-service supply companies, and regularly outdoing them on both price and service. We’ve been described as ‘better than Amazon Prime’ for our delivery times – astonishing when you consider our circumstances – and who could ask for a better recommendation than that? We are heart and soul for our business and our customers, we are passionate about saving their money and making their businesses work, and that makes our business work. We give the customer what they need, when they need it, and do it right. Guaranteed.

Fingers crossed, and good luck to all involved! We will see you at the Winter Gardens…

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